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​Building a home in the Bahamas over the years with blocks and steel, although this method has proven to  be structurally sound it has also shown to be costly, time consuming and redundant. Alternative construction concepts create a huge change to the construction industry.

 This has forced contractors like ourselves to seek for alternative methods of construction, something that will give you structural endeavors and affordability. With concepts like firming and pouring to per casting sections we have evolved to inflating and shotcreting like guniting a swimming pool. This method cuts time and cost but also allows you to be more creative with design concepts.

​Rather than a traditionally squared home you can now venture to a round circular structure, one with form and curve that not even a hurricane can wrap around.

​This concept of construction has been around for years known as Dome construction, but engineers have found ways to enhance the aesthetics  and improve it by making it a Monolithic Concrete  Dome. By spray foam insulating any concrete it makes it a monolithic concrete.

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​​​​In today’s society in Nassau and the outter islands of the Bahamas, we have became accustomed to building our homes from the traditional block construction. While this may be the most popular method of building it is not the cheapest nor is it the most energy efficient concept of building. Although many will argue and attest to its strength; the strength of a building is not only define by the material used but by the structural layout and engineering of the building. After all wood construction sheltered many families pre the 1970s era and many of these homes are still in fairly good condition today.

​Using the concept and technique of wood construction but substituting with more durable materials such as Metal Studs & Du-Rock/ShotCrete. We have taken these conventional materials and modified a method that is reasonably priced to permit home owners the opportunity to insulate their homes which allows a twofold benefit i.e. adding structural strength to the building and energy efficiency that will reflect in their utility bills.

In general, in spite of all the hoopla of steel versus wood, it is a fact that steel is stronger for earthquakes, hurricanes, high winds, big snows, etc. It is also environmentally safe, non combustible, it wont warp or rot, and not be eaten by termites. In today's environmentally conscious world the question comes up about how steel construction will affect the indoor air quality of the structure. The answer is that the use of steel will actually enhance the quality of the air in the interior. Many environmental organizations recommend the use of steel framing for chemically sensitive homeowners who want good air quality. Steel does not have to be treated for insects, and is free of resin adhesives and chemicals that are normally prevalent in other construction materials.