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What is hot composting and some of the benefits?

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Our organic compost is made from kitchen scrapes, landscape debris, shredded cardboard boxes and paper, coconut husk, coffee grounds, bone meal, wood ash and wood chips. The material is specifically mixed in a 50/50 ratio of carbon to nitrogen.

The compost cooks naturally at a temperature of 130°F - 155°F for a minimum of 14 days and later cured for a minimum of 30 days. During the cooking stage the compost temperature kills all pathogens and weed seeds making it optimal for your future garden use.

Our High Tea organic liquid fertilizer is a non-concentrate made from 100% plant juice, bone meal, coffee grounds and brown sugar. It is ideal for landscape plants and veggie gardens for food consumption.

Our Coconut Coir Soil is made of 100% dried coconuts, which are all locally grown. No fillers are added to our coconut coir soil, it is ideal for starting seeds, transplanting seedlings and as a soil amendment for clay soil.   

What are the benefits of hot composting?

Landscape Design . Irrigation

. Lighting . Drainage

. Landscape

. Decorative & Stamp Concrete 

Alternative Construction 

. Spray Foam Insulation

. Golf Course . Resorts 

Pest Management . Fences

.  Property Management 

Hot composting is a much faster method of getting rid of organic waste compared to regular (cold bin) composting. Hot compost bins operate around temperatures between 120-155° Fahrenheit.
Normal compost is usually warm as the process of microbes working to break things down releases thermal energy. Hot compost uses this to aid the process – it relies on an optimal microbial activity to help decompose organic matter at the right temperature. The result is you can end up with usable compost in around four weeks!

A great benefit of hot composting is that it can take a much wider variety of food waste and compostable materials. If one of your goals is to reduce the level of waste your household produces this is a great option for increasing your sustainability footprint.
Other benefits of hot-style composting include:
You can compost all year round – the seasons won’t hold you back.
It creates compost quickly compared to vermicomposting and cold composting methods.
A larger variety of food waste and organic material can be composted.
The heat can kill off seeds from weeds, pathogens, and unwelcome bacteria.
Hot composting isn’t as smelly as some other types of composting.
It doesn't release harmful gases that are not beneficial to the climate.
It does not attract wild animals like snakes, rats, racoon. etc...happy composting

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