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Golf Course Projects

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Resort Development

            Landscape Design & Development Concrete


Island projects


Landscape services:

Automatic Irrigation Systems: golf course, lawns, green house, vegetable gardens, etc. design, installation, maintenance & repairs

Automatic Lighting systems: Low & high voltage, motion detectors, LED, automatic & remote control, security lighting & party lighting

Softscape: Installation of palms, trees, lawn, shrubs, ground covers, etc

Drainage system: perforated piping, well drains, soak-a-ways, soil drainage assessment & adjustments

Testing: Soil & water testing, acidity & alkalinity assessment & adjustments

Hardscape: curbing, walls, arbors, driveways, walkways, sidewalks, gazebos, decks, pool patios, native stone,
stamp concrete (vertical & horizontal) maintenance & repairs


Chain Link, P.V.C Poly Vinyl Coated, Rails and Wood

CareyScape Landscape Design and Development offers: Landscape Design Ideas, Professional Property Management, and Project Budgeting covering Nassau & all of The Bahamas.