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Landscape Design & Development - Bahamas

‚ÄčCareyScape landscape design and development is a family venture, reserved and established in Nassau, Bahamas January 25, 2006. The company started primarily as a landscape service company offering a variety of landscape services. With almost 20 years of experience in the Green Industry, we have had the opportunity to work along with the most competitive Landscape companies in the Bahamas and one of the most prestigious golf courses in Nassau, Bahamas. This gave us the diverse opportunity to have worked on large and medium scaled private residential, commercial and industrial projects. Six out of those 20 years we once operated as The Edge Group of Companies. This venture afforded us the opportunity to work on the Nassau International Airport boundary Refurbishment and the development of Treasure Cove Gated Community that allowed us to witness the metamorphosis of these projects. 

Over the years we then deepen our exposure and enhanced our knowledge in the green service & construction industry and obtained certifications in the following areas; Landscape Design (which entailed: horticulture, pest management, hardscape construction, irrigation, lighting, drainage, interiorscaping & xeriscaping,) Decorative & Stamp Concrete, CareyScape alternative construction: Spray Polyurethane Thermal Foaming, Rebar & Shot-Crete construction & metal stud construction.  


Our mission is to create and maintain excellent, long-term raven fans that will support us when the market is bull or bear. Also generate an atmosphere that fosters realistic goals, a spirit of cooperation and above all else close family relations among its employees. We certainly do not want to be everyone's landscaper, but the discriminating client who appreciates value and quality is our target, we do not want to be their first landscaper but definitely their last! The art of beautifying your property and increasing its value is only part of what inspired the establishment of CareyScape; it is also to build and pass on a legacy for its future generation.